Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cool: The galaxy may swarm with billions of wandering planets

There was a Poul Anderson Science Fiction story which suggested that wandering planets could be very valuable.  If recent findings prove true, our galaxy may be flooded with wandering planets.

The galaxy may swarm with billions of wandering planets starts with:

A new result from astronomers who have spent years peering toward the center of the Milky Way has led to a startling conclusion: there may be billions of Jupiter-sized planets wandering the space between the stars, unbound by the gravity of a parent sun. In fact, there may be nearly twice as many of these free floating planets as there are stars themselves in our galaxy, and they may even outnumber planets orbiting stars!

We live in an amazing universe.

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Luke said...

Looks like there's a lot of fascinating discoveries going on, considering the French have discovered the first habitable planet. Amazing, indeed.


Jackie said...

I will have to tell my DD about this. She is a huge astronomy fan. I will also have to check out the discovery by the French. I hadn't heard about that yet.

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Henry Cate said...

Luke - thanks, that does look interesting. You might enjoy Rare Earth. Here is my review of the book: Review of Rare Earth.

Jackie, I'm glad you enjoyed the link. It is pretty exciting.