Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Anyone know of a Khan Academy for younger children?

Salman Khan provides short instructional videos via Youtube.  We've blogged a bit about him.  Here is a link to a video interview, a few thoughts about what his Khan Academy means for the future of education and a link to to an article on how the Khan Academy is Bill Gate's favorite teacher.

The Khan Academy videos are targeted for middle school and high school students.

One of my brothers has four boys ages 10 to 2.  He asked if there was something like the Khan Academy for younger students. 

I am not aware of a similar program.  So I'll pass on the question: Is anyone aware of a fre video instructional service for children ages five to ten?



Jimmy Devenport said...

Only thing close I've seen to Khan Academy (and not all are "educational" videos) is Kido'Z http://www.kidoz.tv/kidoztv.html - there's an Android app also available (https://market.android.com/details?id=air.kidozTV&feature=search_result)

Happy Elf Mom said...


Try starfall?

Rachel said...

I found that the Khan videos actually have some simplae addition and subtraction ones and move up from there. They were on the same level as my second grader (maybe even first). You jsut have to scroll down a little farther past the middle school/high school stuff. It's actually labeled as addition etc... My son loved them and they really were more of a review for him, so it probably would have been better for first grade.


Meghan said...

Actually, my family has started a website to do something similar. HomeFreeSchool.com will, hopefully by Spring 2013, provide a full K-12 core curriculum and we want to be adding as many electives as possible. We are using some of Khan Academy's math videos at the moment and supplementing with our own videos and material. It's directed at homeschoolers, so the instructions lean more toward parental involvement. We started two months ago, so there is not a lot of material up yet and some of the math lessons are currently partially completed. We intend to be providing a complete 1st grade core curriculum by mid-August.

Henry Cate said...

Jimmy and Happly Elf Mom - thank you for the suggestions. I'll pass them on to my brother.

Rachel - I hadn't realized that Khan went so basic. In my mind he was focusing on middle and high school.

Meghan, when you go live, send me an email and I'll try to check out your site. Good luck.