Monday, May 09, 2011

Another movie on education

Schooling the World: The White Man's Last Burden  appears to be a  powerful attack on Western educational imperialism:

It appears to make a lot of the same points about problems with public schools that homeschoolers often make.

Hat tip: Pat Farenga

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Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

It is so true. Forced schooling has had a profoundly negative effect on my people. When I decided we would homeschool our children culture was one of our issues. in the ps system our kids ha started referring to our celebrations by the name of the north American celebration closest to it. Now they are getting their culture back. And at the Native centre people comment about my kids grsp on thier culture. I tell them it is because we live our culture and our kids are home to live it with us. It really never was a secret that western education would do this. When Americans and Canadians forced my people to school it was for the purpose of assimilation. They said that was the purpose and it worked as planned for the most part.