Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Always be careful about email you receive

My brother-in-law shared on Facebook a link to: Cybercriminals Using Osama Bin Laden's Death to Spread Malware:

Today, we have another major news event for cybercriminals to take advantage of. Following the successful operation by U.S. forces to kill Osama bin Laden, Internet users are searching in the masses for any details about the incident they can find. Cybercriminals know this and have already been at work to "poison" common search results hoping to gain access to people's computers and infect them with malware.

Popular events are always something cybercriminals use to their advantage, helping them prey on and exploit innocent victims.

Links are already beginning to spread across Facebook, similar to what happened following news of the recent earthquake in Japan. Users should be cautious of spam containing links to photos, videos and other information that sounds remarkably interesting on Bin Laden’s death. Users also need to be cautious of Tweets through Twitter, and Facebook posts, as cybercriminals gear up to attract unsuspecting traffic to spread malware.

Remember, always be careful about email you receive and clicking on links in places like Facebook.

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