Thursday, April 28, 2011

The TSA is out of control

Two weeks ago I wrote about the TSA doing an agressive pat down of a six-year-old girl.

Someone left a comment suggesting I join the Facebook Boycott Flying which opposes the abuses by the TSA.  I have been following it for several days.  There are a lot of reports of TSA abuse.  In just the last twenty four hours there have many posts.  Here are a few:

Aol's article TSA 'Behavioral Officers' Monitor Passengers At Airports explains that a new TSA procedure is to target anyone who complains about TSA full body scans and/or the agressive pat downs.

The New Generation of Scanners starts: "The slippery-slope argument against the warrantless, illegal searches that the TSA conducts is to point out that body cavity searches will be next."

Here the title is enough: Pregnant Teacher Harassed By TSA On Easter Sunday Tells Her Story.

Susie Castillo, a former Miss USA, writes about My TSA Pat Down Experience.

I oppose both the full body scans and the aggressive pat downs.  I've written my repsresentatives.  I have also contacted our favorite airlines and told them I would not be flying until this was fixed.  Hopefully the airlines will be able to lobby and get this fixed.

Does anyone have other ideas on how to effectively oppose the TSA on these two issues?

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