Thursday, April 21, 2011

A trend in higher education: more people are doing it online

Going to Harvard from your own bedroom starts with:

The Open University, the UK's open access university, which allows people to study from home in their own time, has been an international pioneer of degree courses online.

The university, with more than 263,000 students in 23 countries, has become a record breaker on the iTunes U service, which provides a digital library of materials for university students and staff.

Once employeers start accepting online degrees I think more and more people will earn their degrees online.  It will be cheaper and more convinient.  This won't work for every degree, for example medical degrees demand real life ingteraction with the human body.  But the material for a lot of degrees like history, math and business could be mastered via the internet.


The Cast said...

I agree!

Henry Cate said...

It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

There are a number of interesting trends which will affect higher education. The increasing cost will drive people away from colleges. The option of online education will also entice people away. I wonder just how many colleges and universities will have a full set of students in ten or twenty years.

Denise Robinson said...

It is already a widely known fact that online schools have started to influence the education system. What students need to know now is how online school works so that they would be properly informed.