Friday, April 08, 2011

This is what happens when teachers can not discipline the students

Students Bully Teachers shares a distrubing trend:

Teachers in Bakersfield, Calif., report being scared to go to work. They have been shoved around, cursed at and had eggs thrown at them. Students are reportedly bringing and using drugs, bombs, alcohol and weapons on campus. Many teachers in the district say they are afraid to go to school each day, and constantly fear for their safety.

Our society thinks it is wrong to make children feel sad.  Over the decades tteacher have fewer and fewer options to discipline.  Now it is very hard to get rid of a disruptive student.  We don't need to swing all the way back to whipping children, but teachers should at the very least be able to kick a student out and let the school administrators work out some kind of consequence with the parents.

Our teachers should not suffer.

Hat tip: Miazagora

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