Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Students say OK to redistribute money but not GPA

This is kind of fun:

For more details: But..."Progressive" Students Don't Want To Redistribute Their GPA?

Hat tip: Right on the Left Coast


Darren said...

Thanks for the link!

Sebastian said...

I would say that the difference is that the students polled have experience in working hard for grades and probably see plenty of students who aren't working as hard.
But relatively few of them have experience with working a full time job in return for money. When you are young, income and wealth are something that some people just have. It seems like it is just an accident of birth, rather than the result of hard work and risk.
So while they can see the grade tax as a direct burden on themselves, the income tax is seen as something that would impact other people. And those other people are seen as not deserving what they have.
Nice illustration. Maybe it will gnaw at the back of a few minds.

Henry Cate said...

Darren - you are welcome. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Sebastian - this video reminds me of a story told back when the communists were trying to get converts in some poor village. The communist explained that everyone would share equally. The villager asked "What does that mean exactly?"

The communist explained "That if you didn't have any cows and your neighbor had a cow we would take one of his cows and give it to you." The villager said "Good, good."

The communist continued "If you didn't have a pig and your neighbor had lots of pigs then we would take some of his pigs and give them to you." Again the villager said "Good, good."

The communist concluded "And if you didn't have an chickens and your neighbor had lots of chickens, we would take some of his chickens and give them to you." The villager said "This is no good!"

The communist asked "Why?" The villager said "I have chickens, lots of chickens."