Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saying NO to the government

Susan explains why Illinois Homeschoolers Don’t Need IDs from the Schools at Corn and Oil.


Kimberly said...

As I go through the headache of another year of portfolio compilation for our school district in PA, I would adore a legal way to say NO as well. PA homeschool law is obnoxious...sigh.

Susan Ryan said...

Thanks, Henry.
Kimberly, I wish it wasn't so awful for you all in Pennsylvania. I hope and pray that gets better in your state and others that are oppressive towards families taking on their children's education.
We have Illinois legislators that want us to report and register with the state and at a February Hearing, they asked about states that do and do not. They were keen to the ones who do report even as it's pointed out that it's made no difference with the educational results. That's when our national homeschool community becomes very important to each other.
Over the past few years, we have noticed a back door and more local manner of trying to get Illinois homeschoolers to register by use of the Regional Offices of Education (ROEs) and their push for daytime curfews. The ordinances presented by the ROEs to the local municipalities and county boards are said to "stay ahead of the game" and fight truancy. The implications are that homeschoolers are truant. We will fight that.
All homeschoolers should stay alert to the daytime curfew/truancy ordinances that have sprouted up in numerous places.