Thursday, April 21, 2011

It is a step in the right direction

From Indiana: State Senate approves school voucher program:

The Indiana Senate on Thursday narrowly approved a plan giving families state tax dollars to pay tuition at private schools.

House Bill 1003 passed 28-22 and now goes to a House-Senate conference committee to work out differences in separately passed versions of the legislation.

Under the plan, a family of four earning less than $41,000 a year would be eligible for a tuition voucher of up to $4,500 for grades 1-8, and up to $4,964 for high school.

A family of four with an income between $41,000 and $61,000 would be eligible for a voucher of up to $2,758 for all grades.

A total of 7,500 vouchers would be available in the 2011-12 school year, with 15,000 vouchers available for 2012-13.

I think vouchers are a great idea, but there should not be any limit on the incom of the parents.   I realize this is political, but why should one family who has a higher income get a smaller voucher?  It makes no sense to me.

I found the next paragraph in the aritlce funny:

The Senate changed the legislation to require private schools participating in the voucher program teach American history and government, maintain a selection of patriotic readings and not advocate the violent overthrow of the government.

Does that mean there are private schools out there which advocate violent overthrow of the government?  I've never heard of one in the US.

Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs

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