Friday, April 15, 2011

I like this solution to colleges asking for more money

Sometimes the college I graduated from will call asking for more money.  Generally I just say no.

The Unexamined Veil of Tenure is a good article about the problems of tenure.  There is a personal account of a professor who does a horrible job of teaching.  A student asks that the university get a second teacher to teach the same subject so the students will at least have a choice.  The university decides to just offer the one class.

Tenure is just job security for professors who have put in their time.  It does little to benefit the students.  There are few other jobs in life that grant a permanent life time job.  Tenure should be destroyed.

I love the end of the article:

As Sam put it, he can't wait for that first letter to arrive after he graduates, asking him to contribute to his alma mater. He won't be sending a bucket of offal. But he does plan to stuff the donation envelope with a printout of Professor Evans' evaluations.

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