Thursday, April 07, 2011

I hope this gets struck down quickly

Natalie writes about a huge abuse of power in District 13 judge demands info on all homeschoolers.  Evidently some judge thinks he can demand information from all homeschoolers.  I hope there is a huge outcry.  Image if he had asked for information on all blacks, or all women, or all gays.

He has no right to demand homeschoolers fill out information for his whims.

Natalie has more information in her post.


Laura said...

HSLDA sent an email this afternoon that included the following:

"In an order filed today, the Supreme Court of Mississippi stayed all
proceedings in the case involving the disclosure of the identities of
homeschoolers in the Thirteenth District. Further, the court ordered
Judge Joe Dale Walker to respond by April 18, 2011, and explain by
what authority he issued his order of March 23, 2011, which gave rise
to this controversy.

At this time it is uncertain how the Supreme Court will proceed after
receiving Judge Walker's response. It may simply issue an order
disposing of the case or may require legal briefs and/or oral argument
before issuing a final decision. In any event, we will keep you
advised of the status of the case."

We're keeping our eyes open here in MS. Thanks for sharing the information here.

Natalie West Winningham said...

Thank you, Henry.

Like many homeschoolers in Mississippi, I am not a member of HSLDA. We are watching this to protect our interests as well.

Henry Cate said...

Laura and Natalie, thank you both for the information and your efforts.

It is hard to be certain, but it looks like this is going to turn out OK.