Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good thoughts about house cleaning

I like April's thoughts about The Perpetual Housework Cycle.


kat said...

I thought it was a highly ancecdotal article. I started running after my 4th child and just finished my first 1/2 marathon Saturday. Funny, but I didn't see a single fat or chubby person who finished under the 2 hour mark. Those who run or exercise for longer than one hour at a time are the ones who burn fat and lose the weight, not the ones who do 30 minutes on the stairmaster a couple of times a week.

The obesity rate doesn't have anything to do with exercise and weight loss. I guarantee that those who weigh 300 pounds are NOT doing more than walking to the fridge (recall the guy who died last week who was stuck in his chair for 2 years?) and eat more than their share of Twinkies and McDonalds. There is a great 2 mile race in Maine on the 4th of July in Bangor. There are crowds lined up to watch the parade right after the race- the contrast is razor-sharp- all the people in the race are skinny and all the fat people are watching.

Henry Cate said...

"The obesity rate doesn't have anything to do with exercise and weight loss."

You make a good point.

While I am glad our society is wealthy, it has brought new challenges. Our bodies are designed to have low amounts of fats and sugars. For most of history people struggled just finding enough food. Few people could afford the rich diet we have available to us today.