Friday, April 29, 2011

California budget cuts push more families to private schools

The San Jose Mercury has an article about how public schools are shrinking because more families are putting their children into private schools.  Public schools: Is California's middle class heading for the exits? reports that for when the recession hit a couple years ago private school enrollment shrunk a bit, but now that class sizes are climbing, and the qualidy of education is falling. 

Some are concerned that if too many of the middle class flees government schools that there will be a tipping and the public schools will going into a deepening spiral.

It seems to me that many view "public schools" as what needs to be saved, rather than "public education" which may or may not happen at the government schools.  I would much rather have the vast majority of children education than to save the jobs of those in the public school system.

I also wonder how many people will pull their children and turn to homeschooling.

Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs

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