Monday, April 18, 2011

America may be better off that we realize

My father found an interesting column which explains There are many reasons why India and China have nothing on us:

Americans, hit first by outsourcing and then a recession, are becoming deeply pessimistic about their country’s ability to maintain its economic leadership. America’s Aristophanes, Jon Stewart, commented during a recent interview with the author of "India Calling," Anand Giridhardas: "The American dream is still alive — it’s just alive in India." Likewise, 20 percent of Americans in a December National Journal poll believed the U.S. economy was no longer the strongest. Nearly half picked China instead.

But there are at least five reasons why neither India nor China will knock America off its economic perch anytime soon, at least not by the only measure that matters: Offering the best life to the most people.


Our country does have many problems, many serious problems.  And it is easy to focus on a few strengths other countries have and feel like we've hit the end of the line and the United States is dying.  Columns like this help us to step back and see the bigger picture.

We still need to focus on getting our country back on track, we can take heart that we still have a number of strengths.

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