Thursday, March 31, 2011

A warning to be careful when commenting on Facebook

Facebook comments seemed to have taken on new functionality.  When you comment on something a friend put up on their wall, it may look like you visited some blog that you normally never would have visited.

In The death of Web anonymity Robert Cringely explains:

Log into a site that uses Facebook Comments and a few things happen. One is that you'll be able to use Facebook as a universal one-time log-in for any site that uses its plug-in -- no more logging in multiple times to different sites each day. Deux, your Facebook profile pic will appear alongside the comments -– in fact, the whole comments field will look like a chunk of Facebook has been plopped down at the end of each story. Trey, you'll see less spam, thanks to Facebook's built-in filters. Quatro, if you leave the "Post to Facebook" box checked, your pithy witticisms, incisive analysis, or (in my case) sophomoric jokes will also appear on your Facebook wall –- and any replies your friends make on your Facebook page will also appear under your comments on that third-party site.

In other words, your friends' Facebook mugshots could end up on sites they've never visited –- though they'd have a heck of a time proving that to the rest of the world. So be careful when responding to comments on, or you might have some 'splaining to do.

Hat tip: The Risks Digest.

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