Thursday, March 17, 2011

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up - The Wish List edition

Renae is hosting this week's Carnival of Homeschooling at Life Nurturing Education.

She shares some of her wish list with us:

Office supplies make me giddy. Going to the library is my fondest errands. Bookshelves are my favorite pieces of furniture. Can you relate? If so, you may be a homeschooler.

In this edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling, I consider my wish list while highlighting posts submitted by the homeschooling community. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a smattering of what blogging has to offer.

The homeschool community is diverse and I’m sure my wish list is vastly different from yours, but whatever you desire I hope we can all agree on the importance of liberty.

Carnival of Homeschooling

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