Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The power on one blog - the mother of Hnery Granju takes on the establishment

Sitting in front of my computer I wonder at times just how much affect our blog has on the world.  Sitemter shows we get decent traffic, a couple hundred hits a day.  Many of those hits are by people who stay and read awhile.  Yet it really is impossible to know what kind of difference our blog makes.

Every once in awhile I'll hear of a story where it is clear what kind of effect one blog has on the world.
Henry Granju died last year from a drug overdose.  A sad death.  His mother was not satisfied by how the police investigated the death, and extremely unsatisfied that the police have not prosecuted anyone. 

A Mommy Blogger Seeks Justice for Her Son shows that one blog may be have an impact.  Thousands of people follow Katie Granu on her blog and on Facebook.  Many of them call the district attorney's office.  The pressure is being felt. 

My heart goes out to Katie.  Her pain is one I hope never to feel.

Hat tip: Instapundit

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