Monday, March 28, 2011

It pays to watch what the experts do

In any endeavor it is worthwhile to watch what the experts do. If people who spend all their time studying the financial market start to buy a given stock or commodity, it is worth considering to also buy. Or if all the farmers start planting, it may be time to plant.

So when 40% of Chicago Public School Teachers Send Own Kids to Private Schools you have to stop and wonder just how broken is the Chicago public school system.

Warner Todd Huston points out that:

So, while Chicago Public School teachers are consistently voting to force destructive union rules on the Chicago Public Schools, those same CPS teachers are sending their own kids to private schools where unions are often less prevalent.
I would love to know what the statistics for numbers of homeschoolers in Chicago as compared to the rest of the US.

Hat tip: Consent Of The Governed

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