Monday, March 28, 2011

Interesting point in: Who are these people?

Knowing how hard it is to fire bad teachers, teachers who commit criminal acts, it is clear that many government workers enjoy great job security. 

I found Dave's thought in Who are these people? and interesting point:

I saw this Rasmussen poll which included the findings that "66% of respondents believe government workers have more job security than private sector workers."
What intrigues me is not the 66%, but the 34% who don't think that government workers have more job security. Having been a government worker and having worked in the private sector, my experience is that public employees have much greater job security. It is nearly impossible to fire a public employee once they've completed their probationary period unless they commit a crime at work whereas my boss could terminate me tomorrow and I'd have no recourse other than to make funny faces at him on the way out.


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