Monday, March 28, 2011

Great idea! A blog for each congressman

Tea Party Bloggers Aim To Monitor Every Member of Congress reports:

After playing such a pivotal role in the November elections, Tea Party activists vowed they would keep a close eye on Congress. They weren't kidding.

The Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest organizing groups of the movement, want to assign personal bloggers to track every member of Congress, not just the ones they supported.

The group will launch a recruitment drive this week coinciding with a weekend policy summit being held in Phoenix for state and local coordinators. Shelby Blakely, a stay-at-home mom from eastern Washington state who is organizing the project, said she has little doubt they will be able to round up enough people to tackle a job that she describes as "citizen journalism meets adopt-a-congressman."

I poked around the Tea Party Patriots web site but didn't find a page listing blogs.

Does anyone know if this ideas has gotten past the conception stage? 
I would love to follow details of what my Congressman is doing.
Hat tip: Instapundit

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