Monday, March 21, 2011

Educational Resources

Here's my current top 10 internet educational resources.


This is a great math program, though it is a bit expensive. We use this in conjunction with Saxon Math. I have to go on record that I hate, hate, hate the changes that have been made to the Saxon Math programs. The books are not as well made and the changes in the content seem like an excuse to make you buy new books since you can't buy the old answer keys.

2) Starfall

This is great, free phonics program. My youngest daughter taught herself to read using this program.

3) Brain Pop

This is a great resource for grade school age kids. The have good basic explanations on just about any topic. You can try it out for free here.

One day I walked in to find that my youngest daughter who was 6 at the time and her friend had watch the segment on "Where do babies come from?" It was very tastefully done. So you might what to check out a few topics ahead of time.

4) Spelling City

I use the batch entry option to enter long spelling lists that my daughter than can practice with on her own.

5) Mango Languages

This is an online language program. We get free access through our local library. They have dozens of languages to choose from.

6) Start American Sign Language

The program is free, but we bought the books.

7) Rosetta Stone

This is a good language program, but very expensive.

8) SAT Question of the Day

This is free and a great way to prepare for the college entrance test. I kind of enjoy it too.

9) Latin Word of the Day

My children get an email every day with a new latin word and phrase. I do it just to torture them. I think it does a word of the day for many other languages as well.

10) TED Talks

We give our children assignments to watch and report on specific talks. You may have noticed that we mention TED Talks frequently on our blog. I don't necessarily agree with all their presentations, but the vast majority are great. This is one of my favorites.


Joshua Richardson said...

The best source for Rosetta that I've been able to find is via Craigslist. I set up an automatic notice so that every time a listing has the word "rosetta" in it and is in my area I get an email. I found all 5 levels of Spanish for $250 and that is a LOT cheaper than normal.

kat said...

I use the old editions of Saxon Math. We are enrolled with Seton and they send the answer keys with the lesson plans up to 7/6. They sold me the solutions manual for Alg 1/2 for the edition that I bought used on Amazon.

I have a question: do you find it a challenge to balance your children's computer time with all these programs, your computer time, and school? I swear, everytime I turn around I'm shooing some kid off the computer.

Carletta said...

I love Spelling City! This is the first time I've seen the SAT Question of the Day. I'm going to add it to my freebies page.

ChristineMM said...

Love that you have your kids watch the TED talks.

We are currently using Rosetta Stone Italian I but I wish I had the homeschool program version. But I got this free so, we're usign what we have!

I hear that Thinkwell math is similar to Aleks but has a listening compentnet which is good for kids who like to hear it, especially kids who try Aleks but need more than just seeing it. FYI for your readers who have a kid like that (like mine). :)

K@Renown and Crowned said...

I've never heard of Start American Sign Language... and I'm an ASL interpreting major who's been involved with the Deaf for the last 6 years!
I recommend also utilizing This website is compiled by a Deaf man, and he has a lot of great insight.

Be sure to get involved with your local Deaf community if you're serious about becoming fluent in ASL! Fluency is so much more than learning vocabulary... It takes a lot of time and practice to become fluent (I'm not there yet!)... Look for a Deaf church in your area, Deaf clubs, silent dinners, or take a field trip to the state's residential school for the Deaf!

Habitat for said...

Another great educational resource is the Habitat for Humanity website. They offer lesson plans, worksheets, assessments, online courses and other resources teaching all ages about housing issues around the world. For more info please go here:

Homeschool Arabic said... looks great. Thanks K@Renown and Crowned for mentioning it.

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