Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update on the Home School Registration Bill Hearing in Illinois

Guilt-Free Homeschooling and Laurie Bluedorn shared this link on Facebook:


Luke said...

I was glad to hear that the extra time and money spent on oversight of homeschooling does not affect the outcome. May legislators of all states take that to heart and save taxpayers money--and get closer to balancing their education budgets--by focusing their attention on things that make a difference to students.


CarolynM said...

Readers, please note: This bill is STILL active. Illinois homeschoolers must still take action to ensure that the bill is withdrawn. As I understand it, the bill is currently being amended to focus strictly on homeschoolers, not private schools.
><> CarolynM/GFHS

Eric Holcombe said...

I find it incredible that a state that is so broke that gas stations are refusing the credit cards of their state troopers is STILL going out of their way to grow government and unnecessarily regulate more people.

That truant officer is something else. I can't believe he has the 97% of public/private students under control and really needs to go after the other 3%.

I'm not a big fan of HSLDA in general, but Woodruff did a good job.

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