Friday, January 07, 2011

Related to Spunky's warning on tax breaks for homeschooling

Valerie Moon posted a link on Facebook to a HEM column on the Privatization of Education.

In the column Helen references a article in the Home Education Magazine: Beware of Privatization of Education: It Reduces Our Homeschooling Freedoms.

I love this line from the article:

Homeschoolers can’t assume that as long as they as individuals refuse to accept government money or favors, they won’t be required to comply with state regulations written for homeschoolers who do accept them.

Both the column and the article are worth reading.

Helen and Spunky are right. We need to keep the government out of homeschooling. Even if they start with something that will "help" us, down the road they will expand and expand their control.

To any suggestion that the government help homeschoolers, just say no!

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