Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflections on being homeschooled.

Kate Fridkis wrote I Was Homeschooled: What it Taught Me That a Classroom Never Could. She starts with:

I didn't go to preschool. And then I didn't go to kindergarten. And after that I didn't go to elementary school. Or middle school. Or high school, even. I was homeschooled.

I say "unschooled" sometimes, to differentiate myself from the 80% of homeschoolers who educate at home for religious reasons. I was unschooled, and I felt really lucky.

People always ask me, "Which one of your parents taught you?"

That's still the way everyone thinks about learning. There's a teacher and a bunch of students. There's an adult who knows more, and some kids who know less. And the adult stands there and tells the kids things. And the kids learn.

It is a nice article. She makes many good points. If you have a friend who is thinking about homeschooling, they might find it helpful to read about what adult who were homeschooled think about homeschooling.

(Hat tip: Valerie Moon via Facebook)

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