Monday, January 24, 2011

I wonder if there is a special hell for bureaucrates with zero intelligence?

Things like this make me wonder if all people are really human. Parents of West Shore School District student fight truancy charges and fines starts with:

Chaz Tocci almost died last summer from an arterial blood clot.

The seventh-grader from New Cumberland was airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and his doctors warn that a shove or bump could prove fatal, his parents said.

So they tried to withdraw him from the West Shore School District and enroll him in cyberschool, only to be charged with truancy.

It is enough to make you want to homeschool.

(Hat tip: Natalie posted on Facebook)


Jean said...

Holy moley. What is it about bureaucracy that sucks the IQ out of people?

Carletta said...

Unlawful absence??? The phrase alone gets me all riled up. Hopefully situations like this will cause more people to wake up.

Henry Cate said...

Jean - I wonder if the process is not that bureaucracies change people, but that certain types of people are attracted to working in a bureaucracy. Maybe they feel safe or comfortable when all they have to do is follow the rules.

Carletta - I'm afraid that most people will just continue to go along with the flow. It is hard to stand up and say I won't accept this abuse any longer.