Saturday, January 22, 2011

First there was the opaque gorilla, now there is the moonwalking bear

Three and a half years ago we wrote about the Opaque Gorilla. Some researchers put together a video of people passing around some basketballs. A viewer is instructed to count the number of times the balls are passed. Afterwards the viewer is asked if they noticed the gorilla which walked across the screen. A surprising number never notice the gorilla. Here is the video:

If you are interested, here are more videos by the same research group.

Yesterday a friend posted on Facebook another video along the same lines. The instructions for this video is to count the number of times the white team passes the ball. Even knowing it was suppose to be there I missed the moonwalking bear:

How many miss the bear?


Derek Cate said...

I sure did, but I got the right number both times!


Henry Cate said...

My limited experience is about half of the people completely missed the gorrilla. I haven't got a good sample yet on the bear.