Monday, January 03, 2011

Brief update on our Christmas vacation

The company I work at had a site shut down for almost two weeks. I'm starting back to work tomorrow. I have enjoyed being around the family full time and will miss them.

It has been a pretty relaxing time. We've gone to see Tangled and The Voyage of the Dawn Trader. We enjoyed both of them.

One of our Christmas traditions is to load up into the van, go buy some french fries, and the drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. Afterwards we'll return home and read the Christmas story from Luke and Matthew.

Christmas day was very kick back. We opened presents in the morning and watched a movie and some TV shows during the rest of the day. A couple weeks ago my father gave us a projector, the type you connect to a laptop. Janine found a good deal for a large screen. Christmas day we watched What's Up Doc, a couple episodes of the A-Team, Remington Steel and Hawaii Five-O.

We took a quick trip to the Monterey Aquarium.

We've been working on our Christmas letter. I think it will go out in a week or two. (This is an improvement over last year, which went out at the end of January.)

We've visited a lot with family.

I've finished read David McCullough's Path Between the Seas. Fascinating book. I'll write up a review later some time.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wish you all the best in 2011.

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