Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What is the lesson here?

Normally the more I post the more traffic we get. Monday I got up eight posts and Sitemeter reports that we got 298 hits, which is decent for our blog.

But yesterday was crazy, I worked a 12 hour day. There was no time for posts.

And yet we got 349 hits. What does that mean?


Eric Holcombe said...

It was a double-dip POMO day for the fed....maybe it ain't just the dollars getting inflated. ;)

Could be they read some of the posts Monday and came back to finish them off Tuesday. I use an aggregator (Google Reader, and before that Bloglines) to read the blogs I follow and only click over to make/read comments. Not sure if you get hits through the aggregator or not.

Fatcat said...

Maybe your cell phone post hit the google alerts thingy?