Monday, December 13, 2010

First step to college

Today, my oldest daughter registered for community college. The community college system has an concurrent enrollment program. High school students can register for community college classes for free.

It is very convenient for homeschoolers because we can take classes any time during the day and are not limited like students enrolled in traditional high school. Since our daughter recent passed the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam), she could have registered as a freshman. However, then she would have to pay for her credits.

We plan on doing concurrent enrollment until she can not get into the classes she wants. Concurrent students are the last to register, so that can be a problem for popular classes. Hopefully, during the next year and a half, we can get most or all of her GE credits out of the way for little or no money.

The hardest part of the application process for me was creating a transcript and figuring out a GPA. (Though, when she turned in her paperwork, they barely glanced at it).


SmallWorld at Home said...

Love the whole dual enrollment system. It was a great way for our oldest to prepare for college!

Theresa said...

We still have a few years before we get there, but our state offers that as well and we plan to take full advantage of it!

Jenny said...

Maybe the system has changed since I was attending a CCC. Since we were independent, admissions told us that I (and later my first sister) had to get permission from the local high school principal! My parents decided to just have us each "graduate" early.

JRD said...

I teach at a small college, a good place though not by any stretch elite. My son--home schooled this year, 7th grade--for the first time will definitely take classes there--for free--in high school. He'll be able to transfer credits to college. Talking about this kind of stuff--alternatives to the conventional, obvious approach to things--at Hope you'll check it out, comment, pass it on, etc.