Monday, December 06, 2010

Another reason I love homeschooling

One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is the great flexibility. For example we love being able to travel in off season. The lines are shorter at places like Disneyland. And the fares are cheaper for airplanes and hotels.

Just today I thought of another reason for homeschooling: the ability to be flexible when you are sick.

Today at our house four of the six of us are sick. I stayed home from work today after a horrible night. I've got a major case of the flu. Janine seems to be getting over the worse of it, and our younger two children are suffering from the bug that is going around.

With homeschooling it isn't a big deal that our ten-year-old is sick and needs to take it easy until she recoveres.


Luke said...


And may you all get well soon!


Tracy said...

You are so right! School can be held anywhere and sometimes kids learn more on field trips than they do at a desk. These flexible fun trips can be wonderful learning experiences.

Krysta (Momma of 2 Blessings) said...

I agree! Isn't the flexibility and freedom wonderful!

Sending Hugs for a speedy recovery for all of you!


Dana said...

And you don't need a doctor's note to "prove" they're sick when you know they just need a day or two of rest.