Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another fun video: Hallelujah Chorus with the Quinhagak village in Alaska

My mother sent the family a link to the Helleluiah Chorus with the Quinhagak village in Alaska:

According to Wikipedia the village had 555 people in the 2000 census. I wonder how many of them we saw in the video?

About two thirds of the way down this report on Quinhagak is a chart on the modes of transportation to work. Between 5% and 10% drove a car alone to work. A little over 10% carpooled to work. Close to a third walked to work. But over half of them had some other mode of transportation. Given this is a fishing village I'm guessing they went by boat. But maybe in the winter most of them use a dog sled to get to work?


Anonymous said...

don't forget 4 wheelers and snow machines (most people use these) The only way in or out is by airplane as well!

Henry Cate said...

I would think 4 wheelers count in the same category as cars, but I had forgotten snow machines.

It sure would be a different life.