Friday, November 12, 2010

More on the Higher Education Bubble

Earlier this week I blogged about Glenn Reynolds' recent speech on the Higher Education Bubble.

I agree with Glenn that the current trend of the cost for higher education climbing two and three times faster than inflation can not continue. It isn't clear to me when this will crash down, but it has to stop at some point.

Glenn recent wrote a column on this: Higher education's bubble is about to burst. It is a good summary of the main points in his talk. I encourage you to read his column. If you want more information about the Higher Education Bubble, you could then check out my post and then his speech.


Theresa said...

I have been enjoying these posts and Glenn's as well. I agree with you both. I don't see how our economy can sustain this.

In addition to homeschooling my children, I work as a reference librarian, a position that normally requires a master's degree. I don't have an MLS. I do have a bachelor's degree and have worked at the library for three years, a position in references opened up and I was interviewed based on merit and offered the job based on my proven track record. ALL of what we do is automated (i.e., all cataloging, circulation, etc. is done basically by data entry in a specific software), obviously familiarizing oneself with our collection and available resources on-line, etc. is also important, having a love of books and an interest in our patrons and realizing what they are interested in/may like. We all pull together and work as a team for ordering, we see holes in the collection or certain demographic needs of pull reports from our computer system as to which books/authors/subjects are most often checked out. Time and again, I've asked my co-workers what they learned in the MLS program and they have said, "How people use and view media, that is one thing that you can't understand without an MLS"...Really?

Find Homeschool Software said...

It does seem like the higher education system is in for some change. With all of the alternatives available for online learning, many good ones even free, and the escalation of costs things are bound to be due for change. Will we soon be homeschooling for college?

Many colleges are not just places of education for students though, they are part of their whole community. So college change is more than just education change, it is social change. Thanks for the link.