Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Christmas song of the season!

This morning as I turned on the car the radio started playing Frosty the Snowman.

I thought the Christmas season was suppose to start after Thanksgiving.


Fatcat said...

The other day I went to the grocery store and they were already playing Christmas music. I came right home and designed a T-shirt for my Cafepress store that says
Bah Humbug!
Until After Thanksgiving.

Jean said...

Two of the three radio stations I listen to started playing Christmas music over a week ago, which is new--they've always waited till after Thanksgiving before. It's always terrible Christmas music too, never anything I like. (The other station seems to have mysteriously gone country. I guess I'll be listening to CDs a lot.)

abba12 said...

Lol, in Australia we don't have thanksgiving, and most of us don't celebrate halloween, it's only been introduced the past few years because of children watching american TV shows, but when I was a child I never even saw trick-or-treating stuff in the shops.

Because we don't have a set of holidays before christmas, christmas starts early here. Decorations went up in the stores about two weeks back, and they were late this year, usually they're up by begining to mid october. Haven't heard any carols yet, though my husband has just informed me they started a couple days ago, but I've been obsessing over some really pretty decorations for weeks.

It's fairly common practice for the tree to go up in the first week of december here (obviously since it's the middle of summer and Australia most people don't have live trees, there is big business in good quality plastic ones. Plus, I'm not sure a eucalyptis tree would fit the desired shape too well!)

I've already eaten my first fresh mango for the year, that always marks the begining of summer and christmas season for me. I don't mind the prolonged christmas season we have here, I couldn't imagine christmas just being one day, and the leadup only lasting a week or so. Here it's sort of the big unwind at the end of the year, it's also summer break so most people get together and have BBQs and parties around now. Work winds down for the year, clubs and groups begin to take their yearly break until after new years, people travel and take their annual leave. The only thing that does bug me is the whole commercialization thing, because some years they manage to drag that out a lot.

It's funny how the same thing can be associated to such different memories from one country to another.

Crimson Wife said...

Was it by chance 96.5 KOIT? I had to switch one of my pre-sets away from that station earlier in the week because it's simply too early for Christmas music.