Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book review: The Pallbearers

Growing up I watched shows like The Rockford Files, A-Team and The Greatest American Hero. I was surprised that these, and so many more, had many episodes written by Stephen J. Cannell.

I was walking through the library a couple weeks ago and noticed The Pallbearers. For some reason the name of author, Stephen J. Cannell, jumped out at me. I decided to check it out. I later found out he has written over a dozen novels.

The main character is Shane Scully. He is a detective who had worked as a policeman. Shane was abandoned by his parents and ends up in an orphanage. His wife is still in the police. The story takes place down in Southern California.

The plot revolves around the death of Walter "Pop" Dix. Pop was the home director of the orphanage Shane eventually landed in. At first it appears that Pop died by suicide, but later Shane, and some others from the orphanage, figure out Pop was murdered. The story wraps up with an exciting conclusion.

This must have been an easy story to write. It takes place in a setting that so many of Stephen Cannell's story took place, the Los Angeles area. The topic was one he had written about hundreds of times: murder. The story reads well. I had trouble putting it down. The story was a bit gritty and had swearing.

I don't plan to read more of the Shane Scully books, but if you are into detective mystery books, you may enjoy this one.

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