Monday, November 08, 2010

Book reivew: The Odious Ogre

When I heard that the author and illustrator of The Phantom Tollboth were collaborating again I was pretty stoked. I love The Phantom Tollboth. I have read it several times. And we've read it outloud as a family.

A brief blurb of The Odious Ogre sounded like the book had potential. I eagerly looked forward to reading the book.

I am under impressed.

While The Phantom Tollboth was aimed at young readers who had moved passed chapter books, The Odious Ogre is a picture book designed for parents to read to children. It is a short book, about 32 pages, and could be read out loud in five to ten minutes.

But this is not a book I would read to my four-year-old. The first third of the book is about an ogre eats people. Cannibalism is not a topic I think young children need exposure to.

A young woman, who is kind, generous and understanding "defeats" the ogre. While the point that kindness and understanding are characteristics of strong people and have value, there was too much deus ex machina for me.

There are better books and I encourage you to skip this one.

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Maureen said...

Well, I guess I won't be getting that book then. I used to love the Phantom Toolbooth a skid, but my kids have all hated it. Also, I am passing on the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick it up along with the rules at my blog, if you'd like.