Friday, October 15, 2010

Should all student go to college?

George Leef reports that College Doesn’t Always Pay Off:

The American Enterprise Institute recently published a new study entitled “Is College Worth the Investment?"

The answer is that for many students, the answer is no. Looking at salary data for a wide array of schools, author Mark Schneider finds that graduates of many schools have earnings that don’t justify the cost of borrowing, even at federally subsidized rates.

The study supports the argument I’ve been making for years: We have a glut of people with college credentials working in low-paying jobs, either because they don’t have much in the way or marketable skills or because there simply aren’t enough “good jobs” to go around.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)


Anonymous said...

The key word is"marketable skills".
Not all college degrees are created equal. A student who is prepared and willing to take a hard course load with heavy math and science classes can graduate as an engineer with a starting salary of 50-70k. As long as the US has to import people with engineering and science degrees there are plenty of jobs in this field ... but the public school math education does not prepare many students for such a career.

Henry Cate said...

Anonymous - you make a great point. All degrees are not created equal.