Friday, October 15, 2010

Scholarships for homeschoolers - the website

HomeschoolBytes reports:

Homeschoolers may be welcomed regularly into most of the nation’s colleges and universities, but the scholarship application process still favors traditional students. It can be hard to fill out the required fields and qualify for scholarships if you have an unconventional education.

Here’s a great new resource to help fill this need:

David Craft and his family just launched a much needed Homeschool Scholarship website. Upon seeing a great need, they decided to offer a homeschool scholarship through their own small business and are challenging others to give what they can to support the next generation. If you’re looking for scholarships or are a business or charitable person who would like to sponsor a college-bound homeschooler, check them out and spread the word.


Joanne said...

Society needs to catch up with! There should be scholarships for home school. Why not! Thanks for the info..

Henry Cate said...

You are welcome.

I expect that over the next five to ten years the number of homeschoolers will double, and thus provide greater visibility. This should increase even more the number of scholarships for homeschoolers.

K3 Visa said...

That's Great scholarships for homeschoolers. It is great opportunity for a lot of student. A lot of student need scholarships. Thanks for helping article.