Thursday, October 14, 2010


Everybody passes is about how teachers can't flunk students. Joane Jacobs writes:

Elementary students don’t know that school policy bans retention. Some will work harder to make sure they’re promoted. But they’re going to figure it out next year when Jordan shows up in sixth grade. Lesson: Showing up and doing the work doesn’t matter.

A high school teacher was amazed and appalled to learn that everybody passes in elementary school. It did explain why her high school students were so surprised when they had to repeat a class they’d failed.

An important point is made in that while trying to be kind to children and not hurt their feelings, in the long run it does a disserve to the children, because after floating a long several years and getting more and more lost eventually the children drop out completely. If a student was to repeate fifth grade, finally figure out the material they would be more likely to graduate from high school.

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