Friday, October 08, 2010

My next PC will have a SSD

One of the big bottlenecks on today's computers is the hard drive. It takes time to retreive files off the spinning disk. The several second boot up time is largely waiting for the disk to start spinning and then to pull off all the code and data. Hard drives are thousands of times slower for moving data then typical memory chips.

One of my brothers has often encouraged me to get a Solid State Hard Drive or SSD. These are just memory chips that can hold data when the power is off. Computers with SSD can boot up so fast that you won't even believe it. The problem has long been that SSD is much more expensive than hard drives.

Revisiting Solid State Hard Drives looks at the current costs and benefits of SSD and Hybrid SSD. The price performance ratios are getting better and better. I think my next PC will have a SSD!

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