Saturday, October 02, 2010

Book review: First Lensman

First Lensman by E.E. "Doc" Smith is another favorite book I recently bought from Fantastic Collectibles.

The Lensmen Series is one of Science Fiction's great classics. It has everything. The story arch spans billions of years and travels across two galaxies. There are great space battles and secret spy intrigue. This is the ultimate battle between good and evil.

"First Lensman" is the second story in the series. Here we watch our planet explode onto the Galactic scene, barely surviving as hostile aliens try to Civilization. The Lens are a tool created by the Arisians to help Civilization. Virgil Samms is the first individual to receive a Lens. We watch as he struggles to protect our earth from politicians and pirates. He travels to Arisia where he is given a Lens. This gives him enough power to save Civilization, for now.

This books ratchets up the roller coaster ride that continues through out the rest of the Lensman series. Each book expands in scope, with bigger space battles and badder aliens. Yet in book our heroes are able, sometimes barely able, to destroy the bad guys.

If you enjoy Science Fiction and have never read the Lensmen series, start with Triplanetary and then read First Lensman. You are in for a great ride.

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