Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogs on starting up a business

This post is partly to add more to my extended memory.

I have a good friend who has been involved with several startups. He was the CEO of a small startup that just got bought out. He mentioned some story he had read on a startup blog he followed. I ask if he had any recommendations and he sent me this list of startup blogs: (ex-CEO of LoudCloud, now a VC) (ex-CEO) (ex-CEO of RegOnline) (Famous CEO coach and author) (ex-CEO, now a VC) (CEO of a small company) (CEO of a small company) (CEO of a 250-person company) (CEO of a 1-person company) (ex-CEO) (CEO of a growing company) (ex-CEO, one of my favorites)

I would love to follow these. Maybe "some day" I'll have the time.

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John said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome list of start-up business blogs, Henry! I can surely learn from their experiences and tips. I've recently been contemplating on starting up my own business so these blogs are definitely a big help. I am already trying to raise my business capital by applying for credit card financing and merchant loans from lending companies. Hopefully, everything will go into place and I can start my own business.

Thanks again!