Friday, October 15, 2010

At one level this is great news

Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made says that studies reveal that ancient man doesn't appear to have had cancer. The article starts with:

Cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet, a study by University of Manchester scientists has strongly suggested.

The scientists looked an ancient mummies and references in literature and came to the conclusion that once we understand cancer we should be able to prevent it. Now we just need to figure out what the environmental factors are that cause cancer.


Luke said...

The vibe I get is that it's just about anything that has to do with modern convenience. ...but future research should be very fascinating.


Henry Cate said...

Humm... and interesting thought.

My father has one of those cancers which take years to become deadly. One highly respect doctor said to give up meat, sugars and dairy. He is basically vegan with some fish.

The belief is that when we eat the right amount, and right kind, of food then our bodies are much slower to provide blood to any kind of cancer.

Over the last ten years the number for his cancer have gotten better, so something is working.

So it may just be that modern convenience allows us to each a much richer diet and thus cancer become more likely.