Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Art Robinson - A homeschooler running for Congress

Art Robinson and his wife were homeschooling their children when his wife died in 1988. Art wanted to continue homeschooling his children, but he also needed to keep his job. He came up with an approach to homeschooling where he would spend an hour with his children in the morning reviewing their math. They had to write a page a day. He would review their writing, correct it and have them re-write it. And then they could read while he was at work. His work was close to home, I think maybe even in walking distance. All of his children have done very well at college.

His family came up with the Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum. My father bought it for us when we first got started. We've used parts of it and found the approach pretty reasonable.

Now Art is running for Congress! Ignored race a harbinger of Dem doom? is an article about how Art is doing surprisingly well. He may even win this November.

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