Monday, September 13, 2010

Positive article on Classical Conversations

The Sacramento Bee has a nice article by Jennifer Marshall. Core teaching for a classical education starts with an insightful point:

These days women get more bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees than men do. And yet many women don't feel up to the task of educating their own children. Never mind that we live in a country where women are brain surgeons, rocket scientists, CEOs and presidential candidates. Schooling is best left to professional educators, moms have been told for decades, so pack the kids onto the school bus and leave the rest to the real experts.

Jennifer Marshall makes the claim that mothers aren't able to teach their children sound silly. (Hey Mom you can be a rocket scientist, a CEO, but you aren't smart enough to teach your own children.)

The article goes on with the history of Classical Conversations, founded by Leigh Bortins. (We don't use it, but it sounds interesting.) It has grown from an original 10 students to now over 25,000!

A great success for a homeschooling family.

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