Monday, September 13, 2010

Humor - Cruise Ship Passengers

Victor Schwartz, a friend, sent out this report:

Continuing on my 5-day cruise …
Today the Cruise Director went through a list of “The 10 Best” (dumb questions from passengers), as voted for by all the Cruise Directors of all the Carnival ships. Clearly, enough material for a book. But this one I chose to share with you now:
At about 12:30am on the first night of her cruise, a lady phoned the Guest Services Desk:
Lady: “Help, I’m trapped in my cabin. How do I get out?”
Guest Services: “Did you try the door?”
Lady: “There are TWO doors. One leads to the bathroom, and the other is marked ‘Do Not Disturb.’”


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Aimee said...

OH, that's hilarious!