Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great News - The Odious Ogre is out

I loved The Phantom Tollboth. I love the lessons, especially the one about wasting our time. I frequently remind my daughters about the time Milo is asked to move a large pile of sand with tweezers. Too often in life it is easy to be distracted from the more imporatant things.

Natalie posted on Facebook yesterday that the same author and illustrator are finally wrote another book, after fifty years. The Odious Ogre just came out. Here's an article on the book.

I've asked my local library to get it. I am looking forward to it.


Homeschool Blog Parade said...

My kids LOVE Phantom Tollbooth. I will have to check the other one out! Hoping you will join The Homeschool Parade, you would be a great featured blogger. :)

Sebastian said...

What fun. We read the Phantom Tollbooth last year. It was a great book that everyone from the 2nd grader to the 6th grader were begging for more of. (And mom didn't mind either.)