Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking for advice on scholarships and grants

Our oldest daughter turned 16 a couple weeks ago. She will probably be leaving for some university in two or three years. (I am feeling a bit old.)

I think all our children will go to a college or university. Since it is so very expensive, we are interested in finding out what resources are out there for finding scholarships and grants.

I figure that there are dozens of our readers who are farther down this path than we are right now. Could you give us some advice and suggestions?

Do you have a favorite book?

Are there some web sites you recommend?

What other resources are good to check out?



Jake Beus said...

The first choice that your daughter needs to make is where she would like to go to school. Each college or university should have a financial aid/scholarship office, and they will guide you through the complete process. You can apply for scholarships at many different schools, but you don't necessarily have to accept them. So don't feel like she needs to commit to a school before looking into a scholarship.

jessica said...

The best success I had with scholarships was applying at my department. I'm not sure how all college's do it, but for me each department had a certain amount of money to give away and often they would split it up between the people that applied. Making friends with the department head (take a class from them) really helped me too. :)

Here is the link for the byui scholarships:
and BYU: and

Fatcat said...

This yahoo group has been very helpful for me.

Crimson Wife said...

Is she interested in the military? ROTC is great option for paying for college. My DH had 80% of his Stanford tuition paid for plus several hundred dollars per term for books and also monthly stipend for living expenses.

For a female, I would say the Air Force is probably the best of the 4 branches. Info on Air Force ROTC can be found here.

Henry Cate said...

A big thank you to all of you. Thanks for the advice.

Jake Beus - I like the tag line for VisualLinkLanguages: Saving the World One Language at a Time. Clever.

Jessica - thanks for the suggestion. Now our children just need to figure out what they want to focus on.

Fatcat - thanks for the suggestion. I've joined the group.

Crimson Wife - I asked my daughter. She asked what ROTC was. I explained a bit. She said sure, if she could get into the Stargate program. :-)

I hadn't thought about ROTC, but I will check it out. One of my sisters was in ROTC. She met her husband there.