Thursday, July 22, 2010

An interesting look at products over the last 75 years

ConsumerReports reviews products and publishes their reports about the quality of the products.

They have a Vintage photo gallery of products they have reviewed over the last 75 years. They show pictures of various products and have a short write up about the product. Here's their write up on Ballpoint pens, from 1949:

The average price has recently dropped from $9 to less than a dollar. One of our tests uses this device, which measures how long each pen lasts before running out of ink.

The device looks like it just runs a roll of paper under a set of pens and they watch to see how long the pens last.


Tristar Products said...

This is a great list of products thanks for sharing the link. It is a little hard to believe how different some of these different inventions are now today.

Henry Cate said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the list.

You are right, it is amazing how we haven't improved much on inventions from 70 years ago. It is also amazing how much change there has been in other areas of technology, like with computers.

One Second Needles said...

Technology is probably the largest contributor to the inventions and advancements we have today. Its interesting to see where we were product-wise decades ago and it will be neat to see where we will be years from now. Thanks for the post.