Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think we are back in business!!!

Several people helped me in resolving a problem with our blog not displaying. It appeared to have something to do with

We finally figured out that starting with FireFox 3.6.6, a reference to Technorati's tag script would stop FireFox from loading. I've removed the reference. It is possible we may lose a little traffic, but I'd rather everyone be able to read our blog.

For anyone who wants more information, here are three places that discussed this problem: Blogger Help, Blogger News Network and FireFox Support

Life is good.


abba12 said...

That's interesting, because I run firefox and had no problem loading your website

The internet is a funny thing sometimes :) Just the smallest piece of code can break it :D

Henry Cate said...

My guess is you hadn't gotten the latest version of FireFox, version 3.6.6. Older versions could handle our blog just fine.

It was a weird problem. It was especially hard to deal with because I couldn't reproduce it.

Robert M. Lindsey said...

I couldn't read it yesterday (I think) but since I couldn't get the page to load, I didn't know how to contact you.

gary said...

Sorry to hear about your problem Henry! Glad you figured it out.

CarolynM said...

DH helped me revert to the older version of Firefox, and now I CAN READ YOUR BLOG AGAIN!!!!!! Life IS good!
><> CarolynM
Guilt-Free Homeschooling

Henry Cate said...

Robert - you might snag my email address from my profile in case you need to contact me in the future.

Gary - thanks. It was pretty frustrating. Especially since other people were having trouble, but I couldn't reproduce it.

Carolyn - thank you, thank you for all your help. You made a huge difference.